“Amazing staff, and customer service. Always answers in a timely manner and with so many clients it always feels good to be addressed by name. Our appointment is handled in a professional manner and never have to wait long to see the doctor. K.P.”

“Everything these Ladies and Gentlemen do at Cypress Center is just Wonderful! They treat You like You are Somebody. Thank You guy’s very much for looking at your customers as human beings!!!!”

“I love these people. They are super sweet and kind.”

“Professional! And treat patients with respect!”

“Always on point!! And very friendly!! Feels like family!!”

“They’re always polite and treat me respectfully. Always helpful also.”

“It’s a great place for treatment. Staff and Dr are the best. They truly seem to care for the patient health issues.”

“Most pleasant experience one can ask for. Love those folks!”

“Always pleasant.”

“I love you guys, always been great every since the first time I’ve came. Very nice people and doctors. This place has saved my life. Literally!!!!”

“The cypress center has been great to me and my wife, basically changed our lives! My wife has actually been try to quit but it hasn’t been easy. She may have to come back soon. Thank you all for what you do and be sale!I would recommend ya’ll anytime any where!”

“We had no idea what to expect and left there relaxed and excited about our future.”

“I thought I would be turned away or judged by getting help with my addiction but everyone was so nice and welcoming just wish I had come sooner like years ago but I thank you for excepting me! God bless.”

“They always treat me like a person instead of an addict. They listen to me when I need to talk and they genuinely want to help me.”

“I’m so pleased with my experience and I will tell people that needs help, who has addiction problems to call you!! Thanks for helping me make it through the day!”

“Staff was very efficient, smiling, organized, attentive all around genuinely great. I’m not one to care for people to much but the staff here at Cypress center are genuine there because they want to it seems to me anyways notto overdramatize. I never do these surveys but I’m inclined to this time because those people need to be noticed of the good work they’re doing not because they have to but want to.”